TS150 Tethered Station

  • Unlimited flight duration
  • Up to 150m high
  • Autonomous cable winder
  • 1x 230VAC (110VAC Optional)
  • Gimbal Camera EO/IR 4k HD.

NM&TS150 Tethered Station

The NM& TS150 Tether Station permits to power the UAV directly form an on-ground power source, providing unlimited flight time. Tether Station uses an innovative ultralight cable to connect the NM&TS150 to the base station on the ground so the drone has access to a continuous power source during the operation.

Increased safety & Better Performance

Up To 150m High Up To 150m High Thanks to the innovative ultra-thin cable included it is possible to fly tethered NMTS150 up to 150m (500ft) high.
Unlimited Flight Time Unlimited Flight Time Tether cable provides continuous power to the drone so it can stay in the air permanently with no endurance limitations.
Custom Power Source Custom Power Source Powered from Vehicle power source for the electrical grid (230V AC), for installation on permanent stations.
Self Cable Winder Self Cable Winder Autonomous system controlled by Veronte Autopilot controls cable release and collection avoiding tangles and cable breaks.
Secure Communications Secure Communications Cable data transmission enables safe data communications avoiding jamming attacks and data piracy & capture at the time it avoids drone location.
Video & Data Transmission HD Video & Data Transmission High bandwidth Ethernet connection for video and data transmission through cable, enabling a two way communications channel.
Wifi Connection Wifi Connection Embedded WIFI module provides system status information and permits to monitor and control the drone from any PC or Tablet.
Any Multirotor NM&TS150 Integration Integrated with the NM&TS150 equipped with Veronte Autopilot, we have an advanced monitoring station.

Embedded Veronte Autopilot Technology

Tether Station for NM&TS150 drone includes Veronte Autopilot technology providing advanced system control. Apart from tether release system control, embedded Veronte autopilot monitors embedded sensors (current, temperature, power input…) predicting and detecting system failures and commanding safety procedure activation.By combining it with a Veronte Autopilot powered NM&TS150 drone is possible to install it in moving platforms. Tether station shares its position with the drone. In this way, the drone will move with the base station. This functionality enables tether installation on moving platforms: cars, boats… to be used as a surveillance system, for lightening...

Safer than Drone Systems

Being a leash system, it is more secure than drones. Once defined a safety area with a radius equal to the maximum height configured, and thanks to fibre reinforced cable, it is possible to guarantee that there will be no material or personal damages in the event of an accident.Veronte Autopilot technology together with sensors on the tether station provides advanced system safety. During the operation, the system is continuously self-checking system status. Once a failure or a deviation is detected it automatically displays an alert to the operator in charge of monitoring and performs a fail-safe procedure.It is possible to customize fail-safe routines based on data from the onboard Veronte Autopilot unit or from ground side sensors. Being possible to configure the action to be performed depending on the severity of the failure detected.

Custom Payloads

Tether Station is independent on the installed payload. In this way it can be used with a wide range of payloads for various applications: cameras, lights, sensors, …Payload can be powered from the ground power system by using same tether cable used for drone power. It makes possible to customize payload bay and use different payloads that may not be suitable for a standard drone due to high power consumption.

Civil & Military Applications

Surveillance Surveillance EO / thermal camera installation makes possible to use it for surveillance purposes with real time HD video broadcast
Advanced Monitoring Station Advanced Monitoring Station Installed on a car or a research vehicle it is possible to raise a camera for increasingrange of view in military operations.
Convoy Sky-Eye Convoy Sky-Eye Installing a sky eye system on military convoys permits early risk detection and ambush avoidance.
Impact Control Impact Control Onboard cameras permit to monitor impact location for artillery shoots and introduce shooting corrections in the system.
Anti-Drone System Anti-Drone System In use with drone detectors or jamming systems makes possible to detect and bring down drones trying to fly in restricted areas.
Traffic Monitoring Traffic Monitoring Thanks to the installation of cameras or radar systems, it is possible to have a high observation spot for traffic control.
Base Station
Cable Size150m
Cable Weight3kg for 150m
 Power Input AC1x 230V
Power Input AC (Optional)110V
Advanced ControlRTK, installed over vehicles, boats…
Cable Data Transmission100Mbps
Onboard Features
Weight11,7 kg payload included (Camera Gimbal).
Power Output Voltage24V <> 6S
EnduranceUnlimited 24/7
MaintenanceEach 1000h
RGB / Visible Camera70,7º HFOV, 65º FOV, 4K, 3840x2160p, 30FPS, 20x zoom (12x Optical)
IR / Thermal Camera18º horizontal field of view, 640x480p, 12µm, NEdT
Gimbal Control3 axis – precision encoders
Artificial VIsionTarget tracking, geo-tagging, geo-location, moving object detection …
SafetyOnboard backup battery; short circuit, power, current & overheat sensors

TS150 Tethered Station


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