Tethered UAV

  • Adaptive control.
  • Follow Me function.
  • Tracking walls and structures.
  • Autonomous control.
  • Cable or radio communications.
Veronte Autopilot is the first of its kind compatible with tethered UAVs; it uses latest technology and high reliability sensors and processors to provide advanced control for any Tethered Unmanned Platform.Tethered UAVs have several benefits over common drones for a wide variety of operations. The connection to ground or to other fixed station permits to provide unlimited power to the aircraft for long endurance flights and the tether also limits the area of operation to a controlled area, determined by the cable length. One of its most remarkable functionalities is that it can fly over any moving vehicle increasing the surveillance qualities of the UAV. Tethered UAV are not limited to surveillance function, but can be also adapted to different areas of the industry: journalism, state security forces, making it possible to configure the system for all of them, thanks to the versatility of Veronte Autopilot.

Adaptive Control

Veronte Control System includes an adaptive control module, thanks to this technology, the autopilot automatically adjust the control parameters during the flight. Dynamically and autonomously adjusting the flight control according to the variable force exerted by the cable and changing external conditions. This force varies in magnitude and direction depending on the flight altitude and the aircraft position, being Veronte able to detect the influence on the platform, and adjusting the internal controller parameters in real time.

Advanced Communications

The communications between the control station and the flight platform can be conducted, both, through the embedded radio or by cable. These communications allow to command actions to the aircraft in real time during the flight, to command the position of the same or to control the payload. The system also permits to monitor in the control station telemetry data from the onboard sensors; including Veronte sensor data, as well as, other sensors installed in the aircraft for an specific operation.

Operation from Moving Vehicles

Veronte Autopilot can be configured for the operation from moving vehicles, both with tethered systems and independent platforms. Thanks to the configuration of relative missions and to the "Follow Me" functions, the system permits the configuration of the mission so that the Tethered platform remains flying over the vehicle, either statically or on a mission around it. Being possible to command both the platform and the payload during the entire operation.

Autonomous Control

The configuration of the mission can be done so that the system is completely autonomous. Performing the entire operation without any kind of operator intervention. These type of missions can be configured from the Veronte Pipe application, installed on a PC or tablet, permitting both, the edition of the mission during the flight and the monitoring of the operation. Furthermore, the system includes assisted flight modes, in which the aircraft can be controlled semi-automatically.

Surface Tracking

For the monitoring of structures, as well as the application of treatments or paintings over walls and large surfaces, it is possible to integrate proximity sensors in the system. In this way, it is guaranteed that the autonomous mission controlled by Veronte is always performed at a fixed distance from the surface or wall. These proximity sensors provide a high degree of precision in the position of the aircraft, allowing to ensure a fixed distance to the structure.


Tethered UAV


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