Plane Flight Controller

  • Curve-based autonomous navigation.
  • RTK precise positioning.
  • Compatibility with all kinds of takeoff and landings.
  • Adaptive control during flights.
  • Compatibility with delivery systems.
Veronte Autopilot becomes the best option for professional and autonomous use of fixed wing unmanned aerial platforms. This is due to the great adaptability capacity of the plane flight controller, for both the design and the weight of the aircraft, which may vary during the flight (consequence of fuel consumption or payload dropping) with no modification on the trajectory nor speed of the platform.On the other hand, thanks to the high-density circular connector, the plane flight controller provides the operator with a wide range of ports (PWM, CAN, RS232, RS485, I2C, USB…) to control the aircraft and any kind of device and payload, allowing its control manually and automatically.In addition, its design permits it to be operated under extreme conditions: from continued accelerations up to 16 G, until speeds over 1,000 km/h, as well as in temperatures that can be around -40ºC and 55ºC without convection. Furthermore, thanks to its anodized aluminum protection, it is protected not only against electromagnetic interferences (EMIs) but it is also totally dustproof and waterproof (IP67 protection).

Absolute autonomous control during any flight phase

Veronte embeds all the sensors and algorithms needed for the autonomous control of any kind of fixed-wing drone, no matter its size, weight nor shape. This feature permits to configure customized and optimal flight phases for the development of any kind of mission. On this way, it is possible to define the different flight phases, as well as the specific behavior that the aircraft will have on each of them, being configurable up to PID level for higher flexibility.Curve-based navigation allows to perform soft spinnings, limiting banking angles and minimizing the deviation respect the devised route. In addition, Veronte Autopilot is compatible with any kind of takeoff and landing, enumerated as follows:Takeoffs: either on runway and catapult, bungee, car-top launching, hand launching and so on.Landings: with or without landing gear, on runway, with net, with parachute… among other possibilities. All that optimized and offering the maximum flexibility through approximation and descent maneuvers for landing, using RTK precise positioning technology together with its compatibility with any kind of altimeter, either lidar and radar.

Optimized Automatic Routes

Veronte Autopilot not only provides an absolute automation degree to platforms, but also an optimized flight: the autopilot and its Veronte Pipe software allow to define one-click missions, easing to configure operations for mapping, delivery, spraying, search & rescue… Furthermore, its advanced functionalities, such as the definition of the minimum turning radius of the aircraft, permit it to perform a trajectory change when it leaves the mapping area, entering into the said area with the camera totally orthogonal to the ground.In addition, it is possible any kind of automation (automatic reaction of the drone after a specific event takes place), being the most common: go back to a determined place when the battery is close to a specified limit or when the drone went beyond a certain perimeter, change of the flight phase, activation of the camera, gimbal or some other payload, activation of emergency procedures and so on...

Compatibility with any payload and function

Veronte Autopilot is compatible with the vast majority of payloads that a drone can carry. Some examples are on this article.Besides, its adaptability makes it able to operate perfectly in missions where it is required to drop a determined payload on a specific place, guiding the drone to follow the route homogenously despite the weight modification, but it also estimates the wind speed before dropping the payload to make it land accurately. On this way, Veronte Autopilot becomes a key element for delivery systems / services.

Compatibility with any model

Veronte Autopilot is compatible not only with any fixed wing design (e.g. flying wing, V, T, X, H tail, flaps…) but it can be used in drones from barely 4 kg to aircrafts over 3,000 kg.Besides, through Veronte Autopilot the fixed wing can be operated using a customized control strategy, such as the control of differential twin motors, the definition of specific PID, integration on actuators of position of feedback control and so on.

High range datalink

The embedded radio in Veronte plane flight controller allows to receive telemetry information on control stations to display it on any PC or tablet. Likewise, the system permits command transmission from manual control, as well as automatic flight commands from fixed wings, reaching ranges over 100 km thanks to our Veronte Tracker. It is possible to select configurations for 2,4 GHz, 900 MHz or 400 MHz, or to control the drone from any distance through the internet connection with communications 4G LTE.


Embention develops all its systems according to the strictest standards from the aeronautic sector. Veronte Autopilot is developed under DO254 (hardware design) and DO178 / ED12 (software design) standards, being also available in triple redundant version accomplishing with the most stringent demands from certification agencies. Proof of this has been its use in the first European RPAS qualified with a civil airworthiness certification.


Plane Flight Controller


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