PIPE Software

  • Cross-platform software: Windows,  (Linux & Mac OS on demand)
  • Intuitive, easy to use and dependable
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Configure the system Veronte
  • Create and edit missions
  • Monitor flight information
  • Action package: automatic configuration actions
  • Compatible with all Veronte systems
Veronte Pipe is the intuitive software designed for operating the Veronte Autopilot. Users achieve a combination of easy-to-use application, real-time response and, firstly, safe operations.Supported operations include:
  • Telemetry: View real time onboard UAV metrics, such as sensors, actuators and control states.
  • Telecommand: Support for all synchronous operator control commands that can be sent to the flight segment, e.g. operational mode switch, mission management, payload control and so on.
  • Mission design: Configure missions with waypoint definition, payload target definition and coverage analysis.
  • Mission analysis: Rebuild all recorded data from a previous flight and generate plots and reports.
  • Configuration: Edit RPAS settings, such as servo trim, interface/port management and so on.
  • Multiple Users: One o more operators can work simultaneously.
Veronte powered systems have two main elements, air and ground segments:
  • Veronte Air includes any necessary element to communicate with ground segment, take flight measures, control the aircraft and control the payload.
  • Veronte Ground redirects stick and PC data to the air segment, and manages bidirectional communications between Veronte Pipe and Veronte Air.
Veronte Pipe has been developed using software standard model of IEEE STD 830-1998, Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) and STANAG 4671 documentation, subpart I about UAV Control Stations adapted to Veronte system.Veronte Pipe is included in all Veronte Autopilot options.

PIPE Software


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