Multirotor Drones

  • Curve-based autonomous navigation.
  • RTK precise positioning.
  • Compatibility with all kinds of takeoff and landings.
  • Adaptive control during flights.
  • Compatibility with delivery systems.
Veronte is a versatile autopilot for the control of all types of multirotor drones, being compatible with various configurations of multirotor: axial motors, X, Y, +, H, tethered ..., regardless of the number of rotors: birotor, trirotor, quadrotor, pentarotor, exarotor, eptarotor, octorotor, ...Thanks to the flexibility on Veronte system, it can also be configured for controlling custom structures such as hybrid platforms, being possible to install additional modules and sensors for increased system features. This modular structure permits to activate just those functionalities required for the operation, adjusting the integration costs to the application needs on any multirotor drone.The operation of any multirotor drone controlled by Veronte can be done in both automatic and manual modes. Having the possibility to use a physical or virtual (in the user interface) joystick for controlling the flight or payload. Also, with the integration of Veronte TGS, it is possible to command the multirotor by simply tilting the tablet in the desired direction.

Autonomous Control

Veronte embeds necessary sensors and algorithms for autonomous control of all types of multirotor drones. Permitting to configure customizable flight phases for the development custom missions: takeoff, landing, cruise, ... being able to integrate advanced flight modes: navigation in a fixed direction, rotating along the route navigation, stop and go flight, combination of modes, ...

Automatic routines

In order to provide a greater degree of automation to the system, Veronte permits to configure a wide range of automatic routines, being the most common: go home, phase change, payload activation, emergency landing system activation, ... on the detection of any event in the system of the multirotor drone: loss of communications, low battery, arrival at certain height, ...

Configurable Payload

Veronte Autopilot is compatible with any payload, making possible to configure the autonomous control of the same: cameras, gimbals, dispersers, cargo launchers, ... Likewise, the system has tools for developing specific missions in applications with the multirotor drones such as: mapping, photogrammetry, parcel delivery, ...

High Range Data Link

The embedded radio in Veronte Autopilot hardware, permits to receive telemetry information in the control station, displaying it on any PC or tablet. Furthermore, the system permits the transmission of manual control commands, as well as commands for automatic flight with the multirotor drone, reaching ranges of up to 100 Km. Being possible to select between configurations in 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz.


Embention develops all their systems for multirotor drones following the strictest standards in the aviation sector. Veronte Autopilot is developed according to the DO254 (Hardware Design) and DO178 /ED12 (Software Design) regulations, also providing versions with double and triple redundancy, thus meeting with the strictest requirements of certification agencies.


Multirotor Drones


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