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MCS Suitcase

MCS Suitcase
MCS Suitcase
    • Sun-readable touch screens
    • Internal battery
    • Sun-readable touch monitor
    • Rugged control station
    • Internal battery
    • High-performance applications
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Veronte MCS is Embention's portable dual display Control Station for UAVs and drones. It is a ready-to-use system designed for high-performance unmanned vehicle operations. Thanks to its built-in battery and robustness for outdoors use, the MCS is positioned as a fully adaptable option for the most demanding operator needs. This innovative design permits to obtain the best performance from any vehicle equipped with Veronte Autopilot control systems.

Advanced Ground Station Design

UAV and Drone operations are commonly managed from the flight field, making necessary to stay outdoors for long periods of times. This includes operations under extreme environmental conditions (cold or hot) and under harsh sunlight conditions. Veronte MCS includes a dual screen monitor with enhanced performance for outdoors use.High brightness screens and anti-glare treatment makes possible to use the system under extreme sunlight conditions, maintaining a high visibility grade and the comfort of the operators. Two screens with 15.4" size each and a 1080p high resolution provide operators with a high visibility display for their operations. Keyboard and touchpad are also included in the system, this, together with the multi-touch capacitive screen technology, optimizes drone operator tasks.Veronte MCS installs a powerful cooling system that permits the operation on hot areas (Africa, Middle East…) and during summer time. This silent cooling system permits to dissipate the generated heat in the system maintaining the electronics in a safe operating range.The embedded battery permits the use of the station for long times without needing to connect an external power supply. This feature permits to quickly deploy the control station in almost any situation.

Embedded Control Station

Enclosed in a wheeled rugged cabin size case, the Veronte MCS installs all components in robust protection in compliance with IP67 qualification, ensuring a high grade of waterproofness during transportation. The dual screen system is fitted in an ergonomic position with the appropriate angle between the screens so it can be adapted to most common operations.The Veronte MCS control station core is powered by a windows based embedded PC so custom applications can be installed together with the drone control software. It also provides versatility to configure display so video, telemetry, position map… can be placed anywhere on the screen.The internal battery in Veronte MCS has been dimensioned for long-time operations. This battery can power both the internal PC and the high-brightness dual screen without needing an external power source. This versatility permits to use this battery for stand-alone operations or as a backup battery unit for long duration operations.Extended connectivity is also included in the Veronte MCS. It includes 3x USB ports so Veronte control station electronics and additional hardware can be connected. Ethernet and WIFI connections are also available so the MCS can be connected to the internet, an Ethernet network or to Veronte PCS system.

Compatibility with Veronte Products

Hardware and software developments at Embention are always focused on safety and reliability. This, together with the more than 10 year experience in the UAV industry and the high degree of involvement with real operation needs (mapping, surveillance, border control, delivery…), makes possible to obtain the best results in the most demanding environments.Veronte MCS is commonly used together with the Veronte PCS. The PCS control station includes Veronte control station electronics, datalink and other devices so the operator can easily interface with the Drone or the unmanned vehicle. Veronte PCS works as a connection hub so any device that must interface with the drone can be connected there (joystick, PC, buttons…). This unit also includes positioning and navigation systems so it can be used for controlling tracking antenna systems or to operate the drone from a moving vehicle.Veronte BCS and 4x Veronte Autopilot can also be connected to the Veronte MCS control station so the Veronte Autopilot hardware can be interfaced with the high-performance dual screen control station.At Embention we work daily on the innovation, closely working with our customers to adapt Veronte products to real operation field needs. Please let us know in case you have any request that is not fully covered by standard product line and we´ll collaborate to reach the right system architecture or to provide a custom solution for your needs. 

Weight21 kg
Size Closed560x356x229 mm
Size Open560x516x355 mm
Robust DesignIP67 | High performance & strict design standards
TransportWheeled | Cabin size
TemperatureStorage temperature -40º to 65º  | Operating temperature -10º to 65º
Power InputDC 24V | 11.5 A
Display15.4'' Multi-touch, Capacitative, Sunlight readable, Antiglare protection
Embedded PCIntel Core i5 3th Gen, 8Gb RAM memory, 120 SDD, Windows 10 Pro
CommunicationsWi-Fi & Bluetooth connections
Power Connector1
Ethernet Connector1


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