• Compatible with any aircraft configuration.
  • Vertical & runway takeoff and landing.
  • Automatic transition between modes.
  • Fixed and rotary wing flight modes.
  • Flight modes fusion.
Veronte Autopilot is an advanced control system for drones and unmanned systems, able to control any hybrid aircraft (VTOL UAV), permitting to deploy fully autonomous flight plans, as well as controlling any payload. Likewise, Veronte Autopilot has a number of advanced functionalities that allows to take full advantage of any unmanned platform: RTK, adaptive control, configurable flight phases and automatic routines,...

A single Veronte Autopilot housed in the platform allows fully automatic control for all sorts of combinations of fixed-wing aircraft with vertical takeoff (VTOL UAV), being the most common:

UAV VTOL - Ala fija con rotor de avance y rotores verticalesFixed wing aircraft with forward and vertical rotors
UAV VTOL - Helicóptero con alas retractiles y motor de avanceHelicopter with retractable wings and forward rotor
UAV VTOL - Ala fija con rotor central vertical y rotor de avanceFixed wing with vertical central and advance rotor
UAV VTOL - Avión con rotación de alas y rotores en el vueloAirplane with in-flight rotation of wings and rotors
UAV VTOL - Avión con rotación de motores durante el vueloAirplane with rotaion of engines during flight
UAV VTOL - Avion con posición de rotores fija y rotación en vueloAirplane with fixed rotor position and in-flight rotation
The system also permits configuring the autopilot for any imaginable configuration, as well as the combination of the various VTOL UAV configurations mentioned, being even possible to control surface vehicles (USV) with flight capacity, using single control electronics.The VTOL UAV aircraft control becomes possible because of system's capacity to configure custom flight phases, it permits to set flight phases for controlling the aircraft in both fixed wing and rotatory wing modes, as well as transition flight phases. This configuration permits to operate the system in a completely autonomous way, flying as fixed wing or flying as a rotatory wing, making the transition between modes at the discretion of the operation, even being possible to have different takeoff and landing phases for both flight modes, providing a greater flexibility in the operation.The configuration of flight phases and automatic routines adapted to the aircraft and the operation, enables the smooth transition between the different flight modes, avoiding abrupt changes between flight modes of the VTOL UAV aircraft, that could adversely affect the operation or the integrity of the aircraft. These transitions can be programmed to occur automatically during operation (on waypoint arrival, at a certain height, when leaving a defined area, ...), also, the system can be configured so the operator can command the transition in a timely manner. Being also possible to have manual flight modes, as well as assisted manual flight modes, the operator can take manual control of the system at any time during the operation.Veronte configuration for hybrid aircraft, VTOL UAV, with vertical take-off capacity supports all functionalities available in the autopilot: payload and gimbal control, precise positioning, onboard image processing, simultaneous operation, follow me, takeoff and landing from mobile platforms, ...

Veronte Autopilot has been successfully incorporated into various projects of hybrid aircraft, VTOL UAV, such as Albatros and Pelican aircraft (Dronetech), HADA project (INTA), ...




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