Helicopter Drones

  • Control of any unmanned helicopter.
  • Customized autonomous maneuvers.
  • Accurate RTK positioning.
  • Adaptive control.
  • Helicopters of any weight and size.
Veronte Autopilot has become the best control unit to automatize any unmanned helicopter control. This fact has been proven through its integration in helicopters of private clients but also of public entities such as the hybrid helicopter of INTA (Spanish National Institute of Aerospace Technology) on its HADA project.Besides, due to its design, which attends to the strictest standards for the development of aerospace components, it is capable not only to resist temperatures from -40ºC to 55ºC (85ºC as internal temperature) but also its anodized aluminum enclosure that provides an IP67 protection, shields the unit from any inclemency that may face this device. In addition, it has an internal system for vibrations isolation, avoiding the need of using silent blocks in the majority of helicopters.

Compatibility and adaptability to any kind of helicopter

One of the biggest advantages of Veronte Autopilot is its adaptability to any kind of unmanned vehicle, being compatible with different configurations: standard helicopter, tandem rotors helicopter, coaxial rotors, intermeshing rotors, tiltrotors, autogyro…Veronte Autopilot is being used in a great variety of helicopters whose weight goes from 10kg to versions heavier than 500kg, including OPV helicopters or manned helicopters adapted to be used as a drone.Besides, this adaptability of the autopilot is shown not only by the kind of vehicle but also through the kind of mission: in those situations where the weight of the vehicle changes during the mission, either due to the consumption of fuel or payload unload, Veronte Autopilot uses adaptive control algorithms that adjust flight control parameters to any weight variation in the vehicle.

Customized maneuvers

Either for landing, takeoff, hovering or any other maneuver that the operator could need, Veronte Autopilot through Veronte Pipe software allows maneuvers customization, permitting to adapt accurately the use of the helicopter to the needs requested by each mission.The system permits to configure independent flight phases with custom control loops, which allows to define different behaviors in the aircraft for different flight phases. All this gives the possibility to configure phases such as preheating, takeoff, climbing, waypoints, hover, landing… all them customized for each aircraft.

Ready for missions suited for helicopters

Either for spraying, surveillance, delivery or any other use where these vehicles can fit, Veronte Autopilot, with its Veronte Pipe software for control stations, is ready to perform these kind of missions in an optimized and adapted way for helicopters.Either indicating curves or waypoints manually on the map, using tools that automatically optimize the route to be done defining the covered area or other “one-click mission” tools, Embention product offers the most effective and efficient professional solution in the market.


Embention develops all its systems following the strictest rules in the aerospace sector. Veronte Autopilot is developed according to DO254 (hardware design) and DO178 / ED12 (software design) standards at DAL B level, having triple redundant options in order to accomplish with the strictest requirements from aviation and certification agencies. All this has been proven through its use in the first European RPAS to achieve a civil airworthiness certification.Additionally, the system permits to configure flight phases and automations focused on safety maneuvers. On this regard, the system is compatible with phases such as autorotation, parachute deployment, go home, land on site and so on; all this having the possibility of manual or automatic activation when detecting an event in the system.


Helicopter Drones


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