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    Gimbal 30Z

    Veronte Gimbal 30Z is a gyro-stabilized camera for capturing images from moving vehicles, UAVs, RPAs or professional drones. The dual camera system incorporates a visible camera and an IR camera, installed on a gyro-stabilized platform with sensors for precision aiming. Motorized cameras allow to stabilize the video, point the camera and maintain a good image quality against the appearance of movements in the platform.

    At Embention we work to achieve excellence both in avionics components and in other components for UAVs and autonomous vehicles. The high-performance Veronte Gimbal 30Z Camera integrates on-board video processing to get the most out of this type of vehicle.

    Gimbal 30Z - 30x Optical zoom

    30x Optical Zoom

    Gimbal 30Z - IR and Visible HD Camera

    IR and Visible HD Camera

    Gimbal 30Z - High Thermal Sensitivity

    High Thermal Sensitivity

    Gimbal 30 Z - Video Processing

    Video Processing

    Gimbal 30 Z - Long Distance Detection

    Long Distance Detection


    Precision encoders

    Easy Installation

    Installation in any vehicle

    Compact Size

    Greater comfort and versatility

    Technology and Design


    The built-in high-quality cameras allow a high range of view with HD resolution and 30x optical zoom in RGB and 640 × 512 in IR. In addition, it incorporates video recording as well as on-board processing in HD quality.

    This Gimbal Camera is easy to install on any professional aerial vehicle or platform. Maintaining the precision and image quality in flights with many vibrations thanks to its high-speed stabilization gyro system with precision encoder sensors.


    Veronte Gimbal 30Z is a highly sophisticated model, where the performance of the Veronte Gimbal 10Z is increased. It is the ideal choice when a greater zoom level is needed, detection at a greater distance for vehicles or people, and higher image quality.

    Veronte Gimbal 10Z is lighter and more compact so it can be a good choice for aircraft with limited payload capacity. On the contrary, if we require a camera with the best performance in terms of optics and resolution, we can opt for the Veronte Gimbal 30Z model.

    Incremental Innovation

    Range of cameras for any need

    Field of View

    High-performance optics and improved resolution


    Video processing for georeferencing and detection

    Video Processing

    Veronte Gimbal 30Z includes an on-board video processing system. A unique and high-performance option for any professional operation, especially when used in conjunction with the Veronte Autopilot.

    Target tracking, video stabilization, positioning and georeferencing are some of the integrated functionalities. In addition, together with Veronte Autopilot 1x, it allows to enable fly-by-camera functions or autonomous flight with target tracking.

    Veronte Gimbal 30z

    Target Tracking




    Artificial Vision

    Border Control or perimeter

    RGB and Infrared Camera

    Optimal detection tool

    High Quality Image

    Protection and conservation of the environment

    Drone Performance

    Veronte Gimbal 30Z is an optimal tool for detecting both vehicles and people, both during the day and at night, whether at great distances or in motion. Being a very powerful tool for border or perimeter control in military fields with high quality results.

    In addition, it allows inspection or search tasks to be carried out by security forces. No less important is the conservation and protection of the environment, as well as the flora and fauna in reserves, centers, protected areas and even in areas that are difficult to access.

    Horizontal field of view 2.3º to 63.7º (EO) | 18º (IR)
    Slew rate180º | 375 milliseconds
    Elevation360° continuous
    Azimuth360° continuous
    Image stabilisationHigh-speed encoder-controller gimbal | 17 bit 0.00275º Resolution
    Image size1920x1080p (EO) | 640×512 (IR)
    Realtime video1080p 60 FPS (EO) | 480p 9Hz (IR)
    Sensor2.8-type Exmor (EO) / Uncooled VOx microbolometer (IR)
    Infrared spectrum7.5-13.5μm
    Thermal sensitivityNEdT <50mK
    Zoom30x Optical (EO) | 8x Digital image enhancing digital (IR)
    Optical aperture sizeF/1.6 to F/4.7
    Focal length4.3 to 129 mm (EO) | 14 (IR)
    Weight / Size1700g | 207x148x148mm
    InterfacesCan Bus Control | IP video
    Power input24 VDC (18 to 26 VDC) | 24W (72W max.)
    Artificial visionTarget Tracking, Moving obstacle detection, Video stabilization…


    Gimbal 30Z 3D