Autopilot SIL Simulator

The Veronte Software In The Loop (SIL) simulator is contained in a Simulink model that replicates the behaviour of the Veronte Autopilot system, permitting to perform advanced UAV and eVTOL simulations without having the physical devices connected. It is possible to add as much complexity as desired, also the drone integrator is able to simulate different kinds of sensors.

Compared with Hardware In The Loop (HIL), that can only perform real-time simulations, the Veronte Autopilot SIL Block can run faster than real-time. It allows the user to execute a series of simulations in a short time. In addition, the SIL performs these simulations with a low computational load.


Risk Free


Custom Complexity


Fast Execution


Low Computational Load


Advanced Simulation


Advanced Simulation

Sensor, aircraft and envelope simulation

Vehicle Customization

Aircraft layout, control surface & flight envelope

Data Analysis

Advanced data collection



The Veronte Autopilot software is implemented into the Simulink by means of an S-Function. This type of block is compatible with C, C++, Fortran or even Matlab code, and executes it in a block that contains a certain number of inputs and outputs.

Besides the Veronte Autopilot simulation, the Veronte SIL provides an advanced drone control simulation. Including simulation of various sensors: Environment model, Static Pressure, Dynamic Pressure, IMU, Magnetometer, GNSS, RTK and ADC.


Error Test

Error Test

SIL permits to perform simulations of system failures that can be applied as early feedback in design stages. All this in a safe and controlled environment, leading to better overall robustness and reliability.

In addition, Veronte Autopilot SIL gives the user the possibility to define the drone flight envelope. This protection can be configured in the autopilot for preventing the operator of the UAV from sending control commands that would force the aircraft to exceed its structural and aerodynamic operational limits.

Safe Environment

Test without risk

Autopilot Failure

Noise and failures in sensors

Aircraft System Failure

Locked servo, lack of trust …


Probabilistic Estimates

Test result analysis and loggin

Multiple UAVs

Simultaneous aircraft flight

UAV Certification

Fundamental for certification process



Veronte Autopilot SIL helps UAV integrators to obtain drone flight test results as soon as possible, which assists to analyze specific use cases such as landing in new scenarios, VTOL transition…

Monte Carlo simulation is a suitable way of simulating multiple UAV scenarios. The method is helpful taking into account, not only the uncertainties regarding hardware readings (noise, sensor random pulses), but also environmental issues such as wind or magnetic field changes. This kind of analysis is fundamental for the UAV certification process whenever the user decides to certificate their aircraft. As it can demonstrate the robustness of the system and its capability to endure certain conditions.


Unlimited Tests

Custom test for any aircraft and envelope

Real Time Response

Veronte Pipe in real time

Safe Operation

Test in virtual environment with no risk

Real Time

Real Time

Veronte Pipe is the software designed for operating the Veronte Autopilot, it is possible to use it during the real-time UAV simulations. It will give the drone integrator the possibility to not only stimulate and control the aircraft in the Veronte Autopilot SIL, but also to perform all the flight test needed. It will provide the best panorama to analyse the situation and understand exactly which factors affect the UAV while it is in flight.

Veronte Pipe and the SIL allows the operator achieving a combination of easy-to-use application, real-time response and, firstly, safe operations.


Any Aircraft Layout

Fixed wing, multirotor, VTOL …

Any Environment

Rain, humidity, wind, altitude …

Any Mission

Definition of multiple missions

Custom UAV

Custom UAV

The Veronte Autopilot SIL can easily be configured for performing Software In The Loop Simulations with any UAV or eVTOL aircraft layout (fixed wing, multirotor, VTOL …). Also as the drone integrator has the possibility to simulate on every kind of environment which can help to understand which environmental factor can affect the UAV during the flight.

Executing a series of simulations in a short time will help the user to understand better how it is possible to improve the configuration of the aircraft which can be different according to the type of UAV that is used for each application.

Simulation SpeedConfigurable | Montecarlo analisys
Real – Time SimulationYes | Veronte Pipe visualization optional
ApplicationsDesign stages, control strategy definition, failsafe test, certification, operator training …
Custom AircraftMultirotor, VTOL, fixed-wing, helicopter, eVTOL …
Failsafe TestAutopilot, sensor or platform failure
Environmental ConditionsCompatible with custom environment simulator
Sensor SimulationInternal or external sensors
Matlab Compatibility2015 onwards
Software Compatibilityx86 and x64
Veronte Autopilot Versionv5.42 onwards
IncludesS-Function for autopilot and internal sensor simulation


Autopilot SIL Simulator



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