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  • CP400R Pneumatic Catapult

    C400P Pneumatic Catapult

    The compact C400P Pneumatic Catapult allows a quick and efficient launch of professional UAV systems. Its ease of transport, assembly and launch configuration permits the operation anywhere and at any time with a deployment time of less than 10 minutes. 

    In addition, its pneumatic propulsion system is able to launch drones with an MTOW up to 35kg. With a maximum launch speed of  29m/s, it is possible to adjust the pressure in the system to adapt it to the UAV size and weight for optimal catapult takeoff.

    Up to 35kg UAV

    Up to 35kg UAV

    Quick Assembly

    Quick Assembly

    Anytime - Anywhere

    Anytime – Anywhere

    Pneumatic UAV Catapult

    Pneumatic UAV Catapult

    Configurable Launch Speed

    Configurable Launch Speed

    Easy to Transport

    Lightweight and compact

    Easy to Assembly

    Modular composition

    Easy to Use

    Manuals and support available

    Easy Operation

    One of the main advantages of the P400C catapult system is its ease transport, assembly, maintenance and use. Its lightweight and compact design allows it to be carried by only two people. Thanks to its modular composition, foldable legs and rope length adjustment it can be assembled in a short period of time. 

    In addition, the detailed Embention maintenance and user manuals will provide the required knowledge to carry out  the mounting, maintenance and system configuration in a few steps and always with the disponibility of our support team to give a helping hand.

    UAV Catapult Launch

    A wide range of aircraft layouts can be used with the C400P Pneumatic launcher, being possible to set up the system for any UAV weight and takeoff speed. The propulsion system is composed of two pressure vessels and an integrated compressor, managing the pressure so speed control is possible. 

    Furthermore, it is fully integrated with the Veronte Autopilot system, being able to activate the drone launch from the control station. Stand alone operation is also possible for use with third party systems, being possible to trigger the UAV take-off from a PC or a launch button.

    Quality Components

    Rugged aluminium used in main catapult parts

    Safety Protocols

    Available in the user manual for safe operation


    Smart Security

    Operation from remote control station and safety pin


    The state of the art in safety. Our user manuals will provide easy and simple protocols to perform the UAV catapult launch operation in the safest way. Besides, C400P Catapult has been developed according to the highest security standards with smart safety features, as the safety pin.

    Taking into account parameters such as the wind direction, the surface type and the distances to obstacles, a no trespassing area is defined during the operation. Operators will remain outside this safety area ensuring the safety in the UAV catapult takeoff operation.


    Adapted for any vehicle, weight and speed


    Wide Speed Range

    Pressure control available from the control station


    Great Launch Power

    Up to 29m/s with the standard configuration


    Customizable Catapult

    At Embention, flexibility and customization is one of our business foundations. In the same way that our Veronte Autopilot 1x is compatible with all kinds of UAV and autonomous vehicles, our C400P catapult can be tailored to custom UAV launch needs. 

    It is possible to customize the pneumatic pressure system or the rail length in the UAV catapult so the catapult launch is performed at different speeds. In the same way, the drone bay can be customized to fit UAV shape and engine position.

    MaterialRugged aluminium
    Propulsive systemFeeded by integrated compressor
    Maximum UAV weight35kg (77.16lb)
    Rail length4m
    Maximum launch speed29m/s
    Speed controlYes
    Maximum pressure10 bar
    Assembly Time<10 minutes
    Launch controlRemotely at GCS / Manual with trigger
    Power supplyDC 12V / 40A
    Transport case1 / Transportable by two people
    Suitcase weight99 Kg
    MaintenanceEvery 50 launches / 100 days