C200R Catapult

Rugged aluminium launcher for unmanned aircraft, excellent to fulfil UAV professionals needs. NM& C200R catapult systems is a folding and man-portable catapult, which permits to deploy it at any stage, being fully operative in less than 4 minutes.

Perfect for effectively carrying out high requirement missions. Adaptation interface available for use with different aircraft, being one of the most versatile systems on the market. The operator will be able to control the aircraft launch speed by calibrating rubber band stress.


High Performance


UAVs up to 5kg


Folding Catapult


Servo-Actuated Launch


Safety Protection System


Easy to Transport

Lightweight and compact

Easy to Assembly

Foldable composition

Easy to Use

Manuals and support available

Easy Operation

Easy Operation

One of the main advantages of the C200R catapult systems is its ease of transport, assembly, maintenance and use. Its lightweight and compact design allows it to be carried by only one person. Thanks to its modular composition, foldable legs and rope length adjustment it can be assembled in a short time.

In addition, the detailed embention maintenance and user manuals will provide the required knowledge to carry out the mounting, maintenance and system configuration in a few steps and always with the disponibility of our support team to give a helping hand.




The state of the art in safety. Our user manuals will provide you easy and simple protocols to develop the UAV catapult launch operation in the safest way. Besides, C200R Catapult systems has been developed according to the highest security standards with smart safety features, as the safety pin.

Taking into account parameters such as the wind direction, the surface type and the distances to obstacles, the danger area is defined during the operation, ensuring operator safety.

Quality Components

Rugged aluminium

Safety Protocols

Available in the user manual

Smart Security

Safety pin




Carry out your takeoffs for a wide range of aircraft layouts, UAV weights and stall speeds. The propulsion system is composed of a rope with great elastic properties, managing the stress of the rope, speed control is possible.

Furthermore, embedded servo permits to remotely launch the catapult, so it is possible to launch fixed wings, VTOLs and other drones from the safe area.

Autonomous Flight


DO178C & DO254

Redundant Sensors



Adapted for any vehicle

Wide Speed Range

Stress control available

Great Launch Power

Up to 15.4m/s!



At Embention, flexibility and customization is one of our business foundations. In the same way that our Veronte Autopilot 1x is compatible with all kinds of UAV, C200Rope Catapult can be tailored to custom UAV needs.

It is possible to customize the rope prop or rail length in the UAV catapult so the system permits performing launches at different speeds at the time that drone coupling can be customized to fit UAV shape.

Launch Parameters (5kg)
Maximum UAV mass5kg (11.02lbs)
UAV take-off speed15.4m/s (30kn) | 13m/s (25.3kn)
Distance (no lift)9.1m (29.85ft) | 9.7m (31.82ft)
Launch angle11º | 17º


Shot Parameters
Shooting system actuatorServo-actuator
Input voltage4.8-6V (more options available on request)
Input current8A
Input signal PWM
Set up time ready for launch3min
Launcher recovery time4min


Rail length1.75m (5.74ft)
Launcher weight10.8kg (23.8lbs)
L x W x H (Unfolded)2.15 x 1.00 x 0.72 to 2.15 x 1.80 x 1.03m (adjustable height)
Packaging L x W x H1.20 x 0.50 x 0.50m


C200R Catapult



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