Veronte autopilot in the air race world

Nowadays, speed sports such as Formula 1 or Drone racing are the order of the day, but, what could happen if we mix both sports in one? The high risk of the manned vehicles at high speed and the added complexity of an aircraft. Each team trying to be the first to finish an arduous circuit.

Drones in agriculture inspection

Nowadays the use of drones in the professional field has a use that covers many fields, ranging from its use in the commercial sector, to its use in construction, security or agriculture.

Quality Systems in the UAV Industry

At Embention we are committed in delivering quality in both products and services for our customers. By having a rigorous Quality System (QS) in all of our departments, we ensure that our finished goods are top of the line, reducing the opportunity of any internal or external incident.

Redundant Communication in Veronte Autopilots

An important aspect of embedded systems, and more widely of digital systems in general, is the code error correction. Indeed, when data transits through a communication channel (CAN, radio…), the integrity of the information transmitted may be affected, this is known as an error.

Automated flight test: A new step in our adventure for populating the sky

Each new software modification or sensor inclusion is subjected to a complete test process by the Verification department. The main goals are reproducibility and repeatability in all the tests, with a specific pass or fail criteria to ensure that autopilot works properly in every moment, and any change does not suppose a potential risk for the platform.