Interactions between system variables and CAN variables are managed from the telemetry configuration. In this section the following elements can be configured:

  • TX Ini: used to configure transmitted messages that are only sent once at the beginning of the operation
  • TX: used to configure transmitted messages through CAN bus.
  • RX: used to configure the interaction between the variables read from the CAN bus and the variables of the system i.e, how they are stored.

Can Telemetry Menu

CAN Telemetry

TX Messages

CAN TX Messages ConfigurationCAN – Telemetry – TX

In order to add a message to be sent press “+” and a new element will be added into the panel.

  • EXT: enables the frame format with 29 identifier bits.
  • ID:  identifier 11 or 29-bits (Extended), used to identify TX messages. The value set has to be decimal as it was written on Configuration.
  • Period: time in seconds between TX messages delivery.
  • Button 1: open a new window to configure the endianness of the message, which indicates how the bytes that it contains are written:
    • Big endian: set the value from left to right
    • Little endian: set the value from right to left
    • Mixed endian: Any devices have this format. If you need to configure, please contact us.

CAN RX Endianess Configuration

CAN – Telemetry – RX Endianess

  • Button 2: displays the menu to configure how the bits of the message are divided and sent.

There are six different elements that can be added when setting up a CAN message: Variable, Checksum, Matcher, Skip, Parce Ascii and Position

CAN Rx Message ConfigurationCAN – Telemetry – RX Message Confguration

RX Messages


Once a message is “captured” by Pipe (tab Configuration) and stored in the mailbox, its information can be read and saved in the software. To perform that, press “+” to create a new message and follow the steps explained for TX Messages, except by Period which is exclusive for TX.