Analog signal input or external battery voltage measurement. This connection could be used for an external sensor to measure temperature or any desired variable provided by an analogue sensor. This sensor provides a voltage reading.

The operation done to convert from a signal from Analog to Digital is usually a linear function. This menu, when enabled, creates an Operation where the input ADC value is multiplied by the corresponding values. Maximum voltage accepted is 3.3V.

ADC Menu and ConfigurationADC Menu

To configure the operations to set the correct conversion from the voltage measurement to the physical variable, access Variables – System Variables – Operation menu and set it according to the offset and sensitivity of the sensor. The correct operation would be multiplying by a value which results from: 

  • Division by maximum Voltage accepted (i.e. 3.3V)
  • Multiply by corresponding digital value for Maximum voltage. 

Operation for ADC in Variables


Variables – Operation Menu

The result of this operation is stored in a variable selected by the user.