In this section is explained the process to load a configuration file into a Veronte Unit.

Veronte Options in Side PanelImport Configuration

When the autopilot is connected, in the side panel, click on  and then click Import. 

The configuration file is loaded in the software (Veronte Pipe), but is not loaded on the autopilot until the Save button  is pressed, so the user can modify (using the Setup toolbar) or check the configuration and after that, load it on the autopilot.

Import and export menu

Importing a Configuration File

The Import Configuration option displays a window (shown in the previous figure) used to select the file to be uploaded. There are four options within this window to select a configuration file:

  • Build from template: the software is fitted with a set of default configurations that can be used as a starting point for the configuration process. There are models for multicopters, fix wings, Ground stations…
  • VER File: a window similar to the one used to export the .ver files appears to allow the user to select the location, and the file to be loaded.
  • PDI: a window similar to the one used to export PDI files appears to allow the user to select the location of each folder and load it.
  • Select from library: it is possible to select a folder as a library that will contain a set of configuration files so that they can be located easily and the loading process will faster.


Library update menu

Library Menu 

Following the instructions that appear on the figure, it is possible to select a folder of the computer as the configurations library.

The configuration files of the selected folder will appear on the window. Select one of them and press “Select from library” to load the configuration.

 Info: for each one of the configurations of the library appears its Version. About the Version, it is only possible to load configuration files whose version is the same or lower than the one of the software embedded on the autopilot. The colours are a way to show the compatibility: Green means fully compatible, Yellow means migration/PN adaptation and Red means not compatible.

Once a configuration file is selected the following window will display on the screen.

Screen displaying a new configuration loading

Importing a Configuration File

With this tool is possible to charge only a part of the configuration, so the user can decide between loading that part or ignore it. The system splits the configuration between Setup, Trim (servos) and Calibration.

Note: Press Save, , to load the configuration on the autopilot. Otherwise, it will be only loaded on the system.

Check PDI

After Importing PDI files or migrating a configuration to a newer version, Veronte might enter in “SD loaded with error” state, which is a similar state to Safe Mode. When clicking on the unit affected it can be seen the following window appearing.

Check PDI WindowPDI Error Window

The option provided to the user are Check PDI (which generates an error display window), Change Setup (explained below), Try load PDI with which a new configuration can be loaded and Retry. When Checking PDI the window that appears is as follows:

Check PDI Error WindowPDI Error Display

Now the user must find and correct the errors shown in the list displayed. For that, access Setup through “Change Setup” in PDI Error window.

Check PDI Setup ToolbarSetup Toolbar in PDI Check

In this particular example, one of the errors reported was a Period in Events/Action (Automations tab) which has been disabled.

Check PDI Correction ExampleCorrection done in PDI Check

Once all reported errors have been solved, press on the Red Save button on the Setup toolbar to finish the PDI Check.

Check PDI Save SetupSave Setup after PDI Check