References Tool

This tool has a wide range of capabilities, it is used to set a references during the mission creation. Once selected, click on the map and a new window will be displayed to select the type of reference.


In this window is possible to select between 4 types of elements:

  • Home: this is used to reference a waypoint as Home. For example, it can be used to made a multicopter return home using the VTol guidance.
  • UAV: a waypoint(s) can be linked to this reference and they will move with this.
  • Moving Object: it works in the same way that UAV, but now it is possible to use whatever moving object. They have to be configured and associated to a Moving Object in the sniffer.
  • Operation Custom Point: it enables to define a fixed reference (it can be moved on the map, but not automatically). This reference can be used when there are a huge number of points. If users refer each point to a reference, user only has to move the reference to move all points or to perform a Phase (if it has the option) in a determined point.

The process to add a reference is explained below:

  1. Select Reference on the Mission Toolbar and click on New Reference.
  2. Click on the map and select the type of element.
  3. Double-click on a waypoint, select Relative and then select the element of interest.
  4. Finally, configure the relative position of the waypoint, this can be done introducing the offsets or just moving the waypint onto the desired place. A dashed line will appear to indicate that the waypoint is linked correctly.

The following image illustrates this process.

Reference Tool