Polygon and Circular Area tools are used to determinate an area in which an action is wanted to be performed. For example for an automatization from Landing to Flare. The way of working is very similar to Event Mark.

New Polygons tool

As it is shown in the previous image, it is possible to draw irregular or regular polygons and circular areas.

Note: At this moment for the regular drawing of polygons, it is only possible to draw pentagons.


Landing to Flare

The change from the landing to flare phase is triggered when the aircraft is above the runway and about to touch the ground. This idea is implemented with a set of three events:

  • AGL: the aircraft is below a certain altitude, in this case, 8 meters.
  • Inside Polygon: aircraft enters in a polygon defined in the map on the runway head.
  • Landing Phase: the aircraft is landing phase.

To configure the Inside Polygon event, it is necessary to define the polygon in the Mission configuration and create the event in the automation menu.

Polygon Event Configuration

In the automation menu, it is possible to select if the event occurs when the aircraft is inside or outside the polygon.

When the event is created, it must be linked to the polygon by right-clicking on the polygon and selecting the event that was created.

When this tool is possible to create any type of polygon and associate it with any action that the user requests.