This tool can be used when the user wants to create automatically a mission which has the scope of periodically dropping the payload when the platform is following the route.

Capsule dropping Mission selection

To do this it is necessary to open the Capsule Dropping tool from the Mission toolbar. The configuration of this kind of mission is exactly the same of the Photogrammetry but menu and automation are different.

Mission Configuration

Capsule Dropping menu

The routes can be modified by changing the parameters in the menu which shows up when a waypoint of the mapping mission is clicked. The following parameters can be set:

  • Drop: the Dropping system can be configured in the tool menu and switched from this list.
  • Turn Radius: radius of the route turns. In this case, the default configuration has the turn radius set to 0, but the effect of this parameter on the curve form is the same as in the case of photogrammetry mission.
  • AGL: waypoints Above Ground Level altitude.
  • Distance: distance between two parallel routes of the mission.
  • Period: dropping period in [s].

Automation Definition


Dropping system and action creation menu

As in the photogrammetry case, when the mission is defined, the previous menu will show up allowing the user to define the Capsule Dropping mission actions. The automation is then created as showed in the following image.

Capsule Dropping Automation Event

The configuration of the Capsule Dropping mission is now complete. If the user wants to modify it, it can be done by changing the automation, the mission or the dropping system settings. The created dropping device can be found in the Devices panel as showed in the following figure.

Capsule Dropping device

It is possible to create a Drop System before the mission and select it after, this can be done in the Devices panel.