Event Mark

This tool is used to make a Event Mark over the track to set an automatization. There is an example of the process in the figure shown below. When the aircraft passes by the point created, an event is triggered and it can be used to start a set of actions (start an automation).


Event Marker – Example

In order to link an automation with an Event Mark:

  1. Create an Event Mark on the map.
  2. Create an Automation with an event of type Route and the action desired.
  3. Right-Click on the Mark Event and select the event created (it will appear all events of type Route created). Each waypoint can be linked to a desired automation. On the other hand, this process can be done in the Automation Panel, see section 6.9.1.

Besides, the window of the Event Marks has an option to change the location of this point by modifying the Distance from the previous waypoint of the route to the Mark. The type Referred to start indicates that the distance goes from the begging of that patch to the mark.