Veronte Autopilot is a miniaturized high-reliability avionics system for advanced control of unmanned systems. This control system embeds a state-of-the-art suite of sensors and processors together with LOS and BLOS M2M datalink radio, all with reduced size and weight.

The unique Plug ´n Fly control system, Veronte Autopilot ads fully autonomous control capabilities to any unmanned system for complete operation, compatible with: UAV, Drone, RPAS, USV, UGV…

  • Highly configurable: Veronte control system is fully configurable; payload, platform layout, control phases, control channels… even the user interface layout can be user-defined.
  • Custom routines: User selectable automatic actions, activated on system event or periodically.
    • Actions: phase change, activate payload, move servo, go to, onboard log, parachute release…
    • Events: waypoint arrival, inside/outside polygon, alarm, variable range, button…
  • Telemetry & log: Embedded datalink for system monitoring and telecommand and customizable user log in both onboard and control station, all with user-defined variables and frequency record.
  • External sensor: Support for external sensor connection: magnetometer, radar, LIDAR,  RPM, temperature, fuel level, battery level, weather…
  • Payload & Peripheral: Transponder, secondary radios, satcom transceivers, camera gimbals, motor drivers, photo cameras, flares, parachute release systems, tracking antennas, pass through RS232, RS485 & CAN tunnel…


Veronte autopilot includes the following features in order to provide your UAS with the best safety performances:

  • Redundant IMU.
  • Redundant GNSS receiver.
  • Redundant Pressure sensor.
  • Dual core principal microprocessor + dissimilar safety microcontroller (comicro).
  • Independent power supply for main system and safety microcontroller.

In case any malfunction occurs in the microprocessor, the comicro can activate different safety mechanism by means of 2 digital outputs and 1 serial port.