In this section, users can find information about the Hardware User Manual (HUM) of Veronte Autopilots. In addition, the System Overview when using Veronte Autopilots is shown below.

Embention provides the following autopilots:

  • Veronte Autopilot: a miniaturized high reliability avionics system for advanced control of unmanned systems.
  • 4X Veronte Autopilot: triple redundant version of the Veronte Autopilot. It includes three complete Veronte Autopilot modules together. Additional I/O ports are available for the connection of an external control system in case it is required.

Veronte is the main element in our Flight Control System for UAS. As it can be seen in the diagram, Veronte hardware is used both in the ground segment (Ground) and onboard the UAV (Air).

System Overview

Veronte contains all the electronics and sensors needed in order to properly execute all the functions needed to control the UAV. A Veronte-based FCS contains the following elements:

  • Veronte (Air/Cloud): it executes all the guidance, navigation and control algorithms for the carrying airframe in real time, acting on the control surfaces and propulsion system and processing the signals from different sensors: accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometer, static pressure, dynamic pressure, GNSS (EGNOS/Galileo compatible).
  • Veronte (Ground): apart from linking to other flying Veronte units and supporting manual and arcade modes with conventional joysticks, it can also control a directional antenna in order to expand the maximum range. It communicates to Veronte Pipe (software for ground segment mission management).
  • Veronte Pipe: software for mission management at the ground segment. It monitors flying vehicles in real time and can also reproduce past missions in an offline manner. It is also the graphical user interface where commands and flight plans are produced.