Take-off phase is composed by two Guidances: VTol and Yaw. The first one is a vertical guidance and where following parameters are set:

  • Line attraction: 8 [m].
  • Set Speed – Cruise: 0.3 [m/s].
  • Horizontal Hover Gain: 0.3.
  • Vertical Hover Gain: 0.5.
  • Safe Distance: -200.0 [m] and Relative (Positive down).

VTol panel

Yaw guidance allows choosing the Hybrid orientation during takeoff:

  • Mode: Current.
  • Limit rate: limited rotation speed of 0.6 [rad/s].

Yaw panel


Hover phase is configured to allow the multicopter maintain the position in the air.

Hover phase panel

The Guidance is a VTol as the one in Take Off phase, but in this case:

  • Safe Distance: set at 0 [m] and Relative.
  • Horizontal Hover Gain: 0.3.
  • Vertical Hover Gain: 0.4.

Yaw guidance is the same of the Take Off phase.


This phase has the same settings of the Take-off with some changes.

Landing phase panel

  • Line Attraction: 8 [m].
  • Set Speed – Cruise: 3 [m/s].
  • Hover gains: as in the Take-off phase.
  • Safe Distance: -100.0 [m] and Absolute. In this case, we are supposing that at the instant when the Landing phase starts, the hybrid is flying at AGL > -100m (it means all positive values).

Yaw Guidance is configured in order to let the quadcopter with the Current yaw angle and limiting the yaw rate at 0.6 [rad/s].


When the Plane to Quad transition is complete, the platform will stay into a Hover phase until the user changes its phase. The successive flight phase will be a Go Home phase which allows the Hybrid to reach the landing point in a Quadcopter flight mode.

The guidance, in this case, is Cruise with the following parameters:

  • Line Attraction: 20 [m].
  • Set Speed-Cruise: 2.0 [m/s].
  • Waypoint reach: 1.0 [m/s].
  • Hover gains: as in Hover phase.
  • Acceleration limits: 0.5 [m/s²]

FLY to LND phase panel


Hold phase is used to perform a Stick controlled flight. The phase guidance is composed by Hold and Yaw guidances.

Hold guidance is used to keep the following values at a specific value:

  • Desired Pitch: at 0.0 [rad]
  • Desired Roll: at 0.0 [rad]
  • Desired Ground Velocity Down: at 0.0 [m/s]

In this way, if the stick control is not active, the quadcopter will keep its position in the air.

Yaw Guidance is set on Current. In this phase, the Arcade allows controlling the platform depending on the set gains.

Hold phase panel

Hold phase Arcade gains