32 VAR0Desired IAS (Indicated Air Speed)
1IAS (Indicated Air Speed)
2Desired TAS (True Air Speed)
3TAS (True Air Speed)
4Desired GS (Ground Speed)
5GS (Ground Speed)
6Desired Heading
8Desired Flight Path Angle
9Flight Path Angle
10Desired Bank
12Desired Yaw
14Desired Pitch
16Desired Roll
18Desired Along-Track Position Error
19Along-Track Position Error
20Desired Cross-Track Error
21Cross-Track Error
22Desired Vertical Error
23Vertical Error
24MSL (Height Above Mean Sea Level) – Altitude
25AGL (Above Ground Level) – Height
26Desired Roll Rate
27Roll Rate
28Desired Pitch Rate
29Pitch Rate
30Desired Yaw Rate
31Yaw Rate
32Desired Forward Acceleration – X body axis
33Forward Acceleration – X body axis
34Desired Right Acceleration – Y body axis
35Right Acceleration – Y body axis
36Desired Bottom Acceleration – Z body axis
37Acceleration Bottom – Z body axis
38Desired RPM
40-48Control Output u1-u9
51Time since hardware start-up
54WGS84 Elevation (Height Over The Ellipsoid)
55GS (Ground Speed) North
56GS (Ground Speed) East
57GS (Ground Speed) Down
58Sensor IAS (Indicated Air Speed)
59Angle Of Attack – AoA
61Accelerometer – X body axis
62Accelerometer – Y body axis
63Accelerometer – Z body axis
64Gyroscope – X body axis
65Gyroscope – Y body axis
66Gyroscope – Z body axis
67Magnetometer – X body axis
68Magnetometer – Y body axis
69Magnetometer – Z body axis
70Power Input
71Analog Input
82Pitot Dynamic Pressure
83Barometric Static Pressure
84Internal Temperature
94-105PWM 1-12
108Radar AGL (Above Ground Level) – Height
109Radar Ground Speed Up
112-127Stick Input r1-r16
128-143Stick Input y1-y16
150Used Memory Space
151Free Memory Space
180-189Clock 1-10
190Desired GS (Ground Speed) North
191Desired GS (Ground Speed) East
192Desired GS (Ground Speed) Down
193Front GS (Ground Speed)
194Lateral GS (Ground Speed)
195Desired Front GS (Ground Speed)
196Desired Lateral GS (Ground Speed)
202GPS ECEF Position X
203GPS ECEF Position y
204GPS ECEF Position z
205GPS Velocity North
206GPS Velocity East
207GPS Velocity Down
208Desired MSL (Height Above Mean Sea Level) – Altitude
209Desired AGL (Above Ground Level) – Height
210Desired WGS84 Elevation (Height Over The Ellipsoid)
211Velocity – X body axis
212Velocity – Y body axis
213Velocity – Z body axis
214GPS Accuracy
215GPS Time of Week
216Estimated Dynamic Pressure
217Barometric Pressure at Sea Level (QNH)
220-228Stick Input u1-u9
229-238Stick Input d1-d9
272Longitudinal (Forward) Load Factor – X body axis
273Lateral (Right) Load Factor – Y body axis
274Vertical (Bottom) Load Factor – Z body axis
275Desired Longitudinal (Forward) Load Factor – X body axis
276Desired Lateral (Right) Load Factor – Y body axis
277Desired Vertical (Bottom) Load Factor – Z body axis
278RX Datalink Error Rate
279TX Datalink Error Rate
292Accelerometer bias – X body axis
293Accelerometer bias – Y body axis
294Accelerometer bias – Z body axis
295Gyroscope bias – X body axis
296Gyroscope bias – Y body axis
297Gyroscope bias – Z body axis
300-331Actuator Output s1/32
400-431Distance to Object of Interest 1 – 32
800Wind Velocity North
802Wind Velocity East
803Wind Velocity Down
804Wind Velocity North Estimation Covariance
900-999X-plane simulation variables
1000-1099Custom Variable 1 (single precision) 1 – 100
2000No selected variable
BIT0No code value
3GPS navigation code
4Fdr not writing code
5Ready to fly code
6File system code
8Georeference code
9CAN A RX code
10CAN B RX code
11CAP A code
12CAP B code
13SCI A code
14SCI B code
15SCI C code
16McBSP (Multichannel buffer) code
17Stick receive watchdog
18CAN A TX code
19CAN B TX code
20-31SERVO 1 -12 code
32EKF: Cholesky inverse code
33EKF: Inverse; condition number code
35System general start up BIT code
53Power A BIT code
54Power B BIT code
62Task 0 real time error
63Task 1 real time error
64Task 2 real time error
65Task 3 real time error
66Task 4 real time error
67Calibration step not completed yet
1000-1999User bit
2000No selected BIT
16 VAR0Control Mode
1Mission Phase ID
2 -17ADC Channel 1-16
18Next Waypoint
19Last Achieved Waypoint
20-51GPS Satellite
52Radar Status
900-909Simulation variables
1000-1099Custom Variable 1-100 (16 bits)
PVAR0Link quality
1Guidance track
2Go home mitigation status
3Parachute mitigation status
4Set auto mitigation status
5Climb mitigation status
6Cut engines mitigation status
7Link quality of his pair
10-41Object of interest i