Embention has a fully equipped workshop for the development of prototypes and small production series of pieces and complete systems. Our facilities are highly versatile and can be easily adapted for the production of any prototype.

Embention’s team is formed by mechanic and aeronautical engineers that will provide support from the product design stages to the product industrialization, passing for the prototyping and testing.

In our workshop we work with both metals and plastics, including composite parts works. We also have a modern 3D printing equipment that permits to model in plastic any 3D file. Jobs are always guaranteed with a high quality finish carrying both prototypes and final pieces.

Machining and 3D printing service  milling machine - Embention


Embention workshop is prepared for the development of prototypes and small series in different materials and components. Including: aluminium, plastic, iron, steel, carbon fiver, glass fiver…

Our machining equipment is formed by hi-tech workshop equipment such as: numerical control milling machines (CNC), drilling, lathes, several machine tools, welders…

For 3D printing, Embention has high quality printing equipment able to convert your ideas and 3D models in ABS plastic. The printing machine can produce large pieces and printing materials are available in different colours: black, red, green, etc. all of them having a fine finish, suitable for final products.

In case you need support for the optimization of your pieces for manufacturing or for series production let us know. Experienced engineers and workshop personnel will provide support for the manufacturing and the industrialization of your product.

Apart from the pieces manufacturing, we also provide mounting services. We will deliver your pieces and mechanisms fully assembled and ready to use.
Don’t hesitate to contact our team in order to get a quotation for the development of your prototypes or small series.

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