Aerospace engineering service
Embention is formed by a solid team of professionals trained for the development of systems, mechanisms and structures for the UAV and aerospace industry. Our team includes: mechanical, aeronautical, electrical and telecommunications engineers that are at your disposal for the development of your projects and products.

Over the years, the company has taken part and leaded multiple projects in the aerospace and unmanned vehicle industry, especially in the UAV & RPAS field. Some of the most representative projects in which Embention has been involved as an aerospace systems designer and manufacturer are: Flamingo and Perigeo.

The experience acquired since the company started in 2007 is now at your disposal. Our team will be pleased to help making your ideas a reality and providing support for bringing your project to success.

Aerospace engineering service - Embention - Perigeo

Engineering for Aerospace Projects

At Embention we put our engineering team at your disposal for the development of projects in the UAV and the aeronautical industry. Providing support, advice and solutions in the aerospace field of engineering.

Among technical capabilities available at Embention´s team, highlights:

  • Structures: Mechanical & structural analysis for aerial platforms and unmanned vehicles.
  • Aerodynamic Studies: Fluid mechanics and CFD analysis and interpretation for design and testing of new systems.
  • Design: Mechanic and electric system design covering from components to complete UAV systems.
  • Mechanisms: Design and development of mechanisms and devices for specific purposes.
  • Manufacturing: Prototype and final product manufacturing from small pieces to complete systems.
  • Components: Selection of components and equipment for aerial systems, UAVs & RPAS.
  • Integration: Equipment installation and integration within the UAV or unmanned vehicle.
  • Tests: Flight and operational test for: evidence generation, performance testing, demonstrations…

In case you are seeking for engineering professionals in the UAV industry, please let us know. We will come back to you with customized support for fulfilling your requirements.

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