The Flyox project aim is to provide a cost efficient UAV / RPAS solution for multipurpose operations. With a 2050 Kg payload capacity, the Flyox is the largest civil aircraft system to the date, being capable of carrying out missions for: firefighting, cargo delivery, field crop management, surveillance…

This large unmanned aircraft system is capable of both, runway and on water take-off and landing for further versatility. Large cargo bay is installed in the aircraft body, having multiple possible configurations: firefighting or crop protection agent bay, extended capacity fuel tanks for 50h operations or cargo transport bay.


Veronte Autopilot versatility makes it capable of controlling any unmanned vehicle, not mattering the size or configuration. Within the Flyox, Veronte Autopilot has been configured for fully automatic flight control in any aircraft configuration, being also possible to autonomously take-off and landing.

Within the scope of the project, Embention has developed compatibility with cabin like control stations. Permitting the operator to install external controllers, such as switches and joysticks, together with custom, cabin like, displays and visual alarms. It is achieved by establishing a communications protocol between the autopilot unit on the control station and the, cabin like, control station electronics.

For pilot training and system development support, professional HIL (Hardware In Loop) simulator is used. It provides real flight feeling to the operator in the control station meanwhile actuators in real aircraft moves, permitting engineers to check mechanical performance during a complete mission, all this without even leaving hangar.

Onboard the aircraft, Veronte autopilot is in communications with equipment installed, monitoring and controlling the flight for best system performance. Some of these systems installed are: transponder, radar altimeter, hydraulic actuator electrovalves, encoders, CAN bus devices, engine electronics…

Flyox project is managed by Singular Aircraft, in charge of design and aircraft development. Embention takes place in this project as supplier for the electronics for aircraft flight control and for subsystems control.