Sometimes when a flight operation is executed with UAV, is needed to make changes in real time, due to the detection of any kind of event in the area of the mission or for any other reason. Therefore is of great importance the capability to have a UAV with improvised flight, capability provided by Veronte Autopilot and the control software Veronte Pipe.

Improvised flight with UAV - Veronte Pipe & Xplane

Possibilities of the improvised flight on a UAV

Veronte Autopilot integrates a DEM (Digital Elevation Model) onboard, which enables it to recalculate routes autonomously avoiding collisions with the ground. This capability of improvised flight permits flight missions and routes fully editable during the operation, this is achieved through various behaviors:

  • The missions are configured with waypoints and curves, if is desired they can be edited during the operation. It can fly automatically between the different stages formed by these waypoints and curves in the route, thereby altering the original predetermined route.
  • At the time of detect any event during the operation, it is possible to directly command the UAV to a point on the map and stay flying over a fixed point (Fly-to) or fly making circles around that point (Fly-to & loiter). Permitting quickly fly over the area of interest.
  • There is the capability to configure different paths and decide at the last instant which one to follow. This decision can be made by the operator of the mission in any situation, or can be programmed advanced decisions based on one or more system variables. These advanced decisions may be based for example on the battery level to select a “back home” with an optimum path or if the wind speed is high can be changed to a path of minor height, etc…

In conclusion with the improvised flight an UAV takes an enormous versatility thanks to have the control software Veronte Pipe. Acquiring skills as avoid collisions by the detection of the elevation of the land or the definition of obstacles, that the unmanned system will avoid when calculates the new route, and in default you can always take manual control or manual assisted control in any time during the flight.