The TS150 Tethered Station is the complete solution to the land and sea borders control, due to its versatility both in its base station – which can be fixed, portable mast or any mobile platform – and also in the installation of surveillance customizable payloads, not to mention its unlimited flight capacity.

High and unlimited flight autonomy

The ultra-light cable that keeps the MN&600 connected to the land or air-based vehicle makes it possible to fly the drone up to 150 m. (500 ft) high, while the custom power source feeds the multirotor and allowing it to be in the air an unlimited flight time, keeping it in active surveillance 24 hours a day.

Fixed or mobile tethered platform

The Tethered Station can be adapted to both fixed surveillance points, such as border control towers, or mobile vehicles, for instance, surveillance and security cars and coastguard boats.

The NM&600 moving captivity allows to maintain its VTOL flight freedom, thanks to the self-cable winder system controlled by Veronte Autopilot, furthermore it provides efficiency and security to the solution: instantaneous HD video and data transmissions by Ethernet two way connection through the tethered cable is possible, which enables also this communication more secure, avoiding jamming attacks and data piracy.

Surveillance possibilities

In addition, it is possible to install many custom payloads that make the most of the Tethered Station TS150 for NM&600 Multirotor drone.

For example, thermal cameras enable both day and night surveillance, the Sky-Eye system allows the detection of risks and intrusions, and radar systems enable greater traffic control; all in motion, from a high observation post, increasing the range of vision, active in unlimited time and with an instant transmission of data, in quality and safely way.

NM&600 Multirotor with Veronte Autopilot integration to TS150 Tethered Station

The Embention’s Tethered Station is configured from our drone the NM&600 Multirotor, which is an accurate VTOL with carbon fiber design, lightweight and solid, high-stability and high-efficiency.

But, the cornerstone of this solution is Embention’s technology: the Veronte Autopilot and Veronte Pipe software. Veronte autopilot (available in triple redundancy) is a fully configurable control system with a unique Pug’n Fly control system and manufactured following the strictest safety and quality standards to comply with the regulations DO-178C, ED-12, DO -254 and DO-160G.

All of Veronte’s autonomous control capabilities are configurable from Pipe, an application designed to make it easy for the user to control the aircraft from an intuitive interface and a customizble environment. The potential of this three in one high-tech is evident.