Arcade Mode Settings

The arcade mode could be considered as an aided manual control where the pilot sends a control command and not a PWN signal for the actuators. This control command is used by the guidance algorithm to provide the input for the controller. So in this case is not directly the autopilot which generates the PID inputs, but an optimal combination of its commands and the ones from the pilot.


Arcade Configuration Menu

Considering that the pilot’s stick can reach values approximately between -0.5 and 0.5, a gain is applied to the stick position before entering into the controller so the complete range of the controlled variable is covered. The DBand option (Dead Band) creates a zone where the movement of the stick is not sent to the system, that is used because of the noise present on the stick position. So if the pilot has the stick in the neutral position, the actual value would be 0.001 for example and not zero. If the dead band is set to +-0.01, that command will not be sent to the system avoiding then a possible malfunction.

Finally, when the integral option is marked the variable increases continuously on joystick hold, and when is unchecked the control variable is reset after joystick release.