Workspace settings allow the user to customize any information to be displayed on the screen for monitoring the operation. Custom workspaces can be created, set any workspace as default in order to open it automatically on system start. All this option are available in the Workspace Toolbar, this is shown on the image below.

Workspace Menu

Workspace Toolbar

DetailsDisplays a panel where Widgets and Map are configured.
RemoveRemove selected workspace configuration.
PencilRenameChange the name of the Workspace.
menu-text-selectLoadSelect the workspace to be displayed or create a new one.
DiscardDiscard all changes.
SaveSave workspace configuration.
LockConfigured displays can be moved freely and resized along

with the screen. Press lock to avoid display free movement.

OpenOpen a workspace configuration.
Save asSave workspace configuration as.
ShowDisplay or hide workspace elements.
RegroupRegroupDisplays all widgets on the main screen.

Workspace Toolbar Elements

It is possible to save the current workspace on a .wsn file, that can be loaded later in a different configuration.  and  are the buttons used to import and export a workspace respectively.


In VerontePipe are available some templates. When the workspace toolbar is open, the following templates can actually be opened:

  • Attitude_Adv (Advanced)
  • Attitude_PLANE
  • Attitude_VTOL
  • Default
  • Joystick Test
  • Map
  • Output Test
  • Sensors
  • Stick Inputs

Following a picture of one of them.

Attitude Adv

Attitude_Adv template


The workspaces can be created from Empty, Create from template or Clone. To do this is sufficient to open the toolbar, then the workspace selection and click on New.


New workspace

Workspaces can be modified too. The system allows the user to change the appearance and when it is completed, it can be saved by clicking on the floppy disk icon present in the toolbar.