Veronte Vision allows transmitting and recording video captured from USB cameras via wireless interfaces or analogic output.

Any UVC camera (USB video class) may be connected to Veronte Vision USB input. It must be connected before boot the system to be successfully recognized by USB driver.

By default, if UVC camera is loaded, captured video is forwarded through analogic output to be sent by an analogic video transmitter.

To set the camera in other operation mode, command buttons in Veronte Panel may be used.


Video output may be configured to be sent by wireless using UDP protocol, compressed with h.264 algorithm.

To start to send video through the wireless interface, it must be configured using Streaming button in Veronte Panel.


Destination address must be defined in this dialog. If Veronte Vision and video browser are not in the same network, port forwarding techniques can be used to route video to destination device. See Veronte Pipe as Server section to more information about it.

Recording and Streaming

When this option is commanded, captured video is saved in h.264 file in video folder \\VISION\Public\videos

In order to start the recording of a new video press Rec and Stream button. Video will be sent to the destination address via wireless and recorded with a defined file name.