This menu is used to select which notifications will appear in the Side Panel and the way in which the user wants to hide them:

  • Mouse confirmation – It is necessary to pass with the mouse on notifications in order to hide them.
  • Auto-hide – Notification will auto hide in few seconds.
  • No show – The notifications will not show up.


Panel – Notifications

Besides the notifications that appear by default on this menu, it is possible to include some other system alarms or even custom ones created by the user. Click on “+” to display a popup window that allows the selection of a new variable. It is also possible to delete the notifications shown by default, click  on “-” to eliminate it from the error list.

In the following table will be described the error types of the notification panel.

NotificationCausePossible solution
GPS navigation downThe system is not connected to GPS signalCheck the GPS signal in the area and the GPS antenna connection
No writing telemetrySystem is not writing telemetry in the onboard logCheck the Air micro SD. It could be corrupted or without memory available
File system errorSystem has one or more corrupted filesTry to repeat the operation or check the micro SD files
Out of georeferenced areaThe GPS position is out of the areas with terrain altitude informationsGo to Terrain Profile in Mission Panel and move manually Coarse and Fine areas or choose Auto to make the system doing it automatically and save.
Power A errorThe alimentation voltage is out of the admitted rangeGo to “Electrical” section of the manual to check admitted voltages
Servo X saturedThe servo number X is actually saturedCheck the servos panel to set the moving range
System not ready to start
  1. No GPS connection
  2. Licence expired
  1. See “GPS navigation down”
  2. Update the licence expiration
Task X real time errorSystem is not able to complete all tasks:

  • 1 means High level
  • 5 means Low level
Check system variables in Variables Panel and move the operations to a lower level.
Stick errorThe stick is not connected to Air autopilotCheck radio signal and stick connection (in case of HIL simulation it will be simulated)
Capture A errorThe Ground is not receiving the stick signalCheck the Ground-Stick connection
Inside Polygon XThe aircraft is actually inside the selected polygon (X is the polygon number)Exit the aircraft from the polygon


 Note: In some cases,  it will be necessary to restart the autopilot once the solution of one of this problems has been applied (“Out of georeferenced area” for example).