This feature is used to make sure that some requirements have been acomplish, for example, prior to a phase change or to avoid a possible malfunction.

In this menu, the checklist that will appear in the Panel is configured. The blue box displays all the phases configured for the operation. In each on of them, new elements for the checklist can be added with the button Add.

The configurable parameters for each element are:

  • Name: the name that will identify the element.
  • Type: the element of the checklist can be from different types.
    • None: any action is performed, it is just a check for the user to do something external to Pipe
    • Command: send to the UAV a position, a yaw angle or the wind velocity in the three axes.
    • In Range Check: Allows checking if a variable is between the range selected.
    • Atmosphere: set the atmosphere parameters  (temperature…).
    • Automation: selection between a set of automations, in order to only activate one of them for the phase that the aircraft is entering in.

Checklist Elements

Drag the automations into a group to create the selection, it is possible to have more than one. Is worth noting that the user only will be able to select one automation during the checklist comprobation.

As an example, the following figure shows an automation selection on the checklist. The user has to select between two automations previously included in a group. Once one of them is selected, the other one will be automatically deactivated.automatio_check

Checklist Comprobation

  • Required for phase change: the element must be checked to go to another phase.
  • Show only once: the check will only appear the first time that its phase is executed.

Checklist Configuration