To displays Veronte Setup Toolbar, when the autopilot is conected or a offline configuration is opened, in the side panel, click on  and then click Setup. This toolbar allows the user to modify the main features of the Veronte Units.

Setup Toolbar

The different elements of the setup toolbar are detailed in the following table.

InstallationAircraft layout.
VeronteIntroduce Veronte information.
ConnectionsConfigure I/O connections on Veronte.
DevicesConfigure any connected devices: servo, radio, camera…
ControlIntroduce control variables or active adaptive control.
NavigationConfigure navigation parameters on the system.
AutomationConfigure automatic actions on event detection (go home, turn on lights…).
VariablesCustomize variable names and traffic: log, telemetry…
PanelConfigure Veronte Panel layout.
HILConfigure parameters for Xplane Simulator

Setup Toolbar Elements

Each option will be explained in detail in the next sections.