This section explains the management of configuration files. Veronte Pipe allows users to import or export configuration files and Update Veronte Units from the Side Panel

Side Panel Options

Configuration files (.ver)

The .ver file contain the entire Veronte configuration and it means:

  • Aircraft configuration (Sensors, Servos, Automations, Control, etc.)
  • Mission (Terrain info, Waypoints, etc.)

The best way to manage .ver files is to keep a default version with the correct aircraft configuration which must contain no mission. In this way, it is possible to load the default config. when the user wants to create a new mission and, when it is complete, to save it with a different file name (normally the mission name or the mission site).

When the user wants to do the X mission is sufficient to load the X mission.ver file in the autopilot and the aircraft will be ready to perform the desired route.

The setup toolbar of Veronte Pipe is the section that contains the parameters to configure the system, which is formed by the autopilots (Air and Ground) and the software (Veronte Pipe).