This menu provides the options to configure a PPM radio controller to control the platform fitted with the Autopilot.

Stick PPM Sensor Configuration Menu

  • Polarity: indicates the pulse polarity. The image below shows a positive signal.
  • Sync time: minimum time on the PPM output till the next frame. It tells the receiver to reset its channel counter.
  • Minimum/Maximum pulse: pulse length, it depends on the system and it is a constant value (usually 0.2-0.5 ms).
  • Position – Minimum/Maximum accepted: pulse length accepted for each canal. Standard for R/C servos uses a pulse of 1 ms for the maximum position at one end, 1.5 ms for the midpoint and 2 ms for the maximum position at the opposite end.
  • Minimum/Maximum encoded: if there is noise and the signal is varying around the minimum/maximum values accepted, Veronte will encode those values to the ones set here. For instance, a pulse length between 0.8-0.9 ms will be considered as one of 0.9 ms.
  • Channels: sets the number of channels accepted (minimun and maximun). Besides, it is possible to Disable/Enable/Filter each channel individually.
  • Pass filter: default parameters are recommended.

When some data is out of the established ranges, Veronte will discard that frame to avoid a possible malfunction. The next image clarifies the parameters introduced previously.

PPM signal

The values to set are related to the stick used, so check them in the manufacturer documents and introduce them in this tab of Veronte Pipe. Default parameters will work for most systems.


Once the stick has been configured, the commands that arrive at the ground autopilot have to be sent to the air one. That is done in the Output section of the Stick PPM menu.

Stick PPM Output Configuration Menu

Once enabled, the user indicates at which channel of the air autopilot will be sent the first channel received in the ground segment.  The channels arrive at the platform ordered and without spaces between them i.e, if at the Ground autopilot are enable channels 1,2,3,4 and 6, in the air autopilot they will arrive channels 1,2,3,4 and 5, so channel 6 of the stick will be channel 5 in the air autopilot configuration.

The option remote permits the delivery of the commands to the platform by indicating the address on UAV (when the address is 998, the commands are sent to all the air autopilots linked to the ground one). The values of Min PeriodMax Period and Delta have to be set as detailed in the previous figure.

Caution!! To enable the configuration, it is necessary to indicate the connection port of the stick. In Others/XPC CAP select Stick PPM.