This menu is similar to the acceletometer configuration menu. Each configuration allows the user to modify the parameters of  Integer and Decimal variables provided by an external sensor.  The process of configuration has to be done using Custom Messages, this has to be configured in Devices/Others/XPC Uint8. It will depend on the device used and how it manages the information.

Gyroscope Configuration Menu

The following options are available:

  • Initial allows users to select the initial sensor. It is possible to choose between the following sensors:
    • Internal: Veronte uses the internal sensor.
    • External: Veronte uses a specific external sensor.
    • Integer var sensor: Veronte uses a integer value provided by an external sensor.
    • Decimal var sensor: Veronte uses a decimal value provided by an external sensor.
  • Edit Rotation Matrix: indicates the orientation of the external sensor with respect to the board.

Note: it is possible to change the initial sensor during the mission in case the initial does not work properly or due to users requirements. This can be done with an automation see section 6.9.2 .

See the accelerometer configuration menu for more details on the configuration of each variable.