In this section is explained how to configure a camera using Veronte Pipe, being possible to configure more than one.

  1. Go to Devices/Sensors.
  2. Click on Add and then select Camera, a new device will appear in the sensors selection. Its name is Dafault camera and it can be changed later.
  3. Finally, select the new device to introduce the configuration parameters. These can be introduced manually or they can be selected from the database includes in Veronte Pipe by clicking on (1).

Camera Configuration

The five parameters that appear below the camera name are:

  • Width Sensor in millimetres.
  • Height Sensor in millimetres.
  • Width resolution in pixels.
  • Height resolution in pixels.
  • Focal length.

The other options available are:

  • Streaming: this option allows the camera to transmit the video signal and select the source.
    • URL: video signal from Internet.
    • Device: video signal from a external device connected (0 is commonly the computer webcam) .
  • Cam associated with gimbal: when this option is selected, the camera can be used together with a gimbal (see section for more details about this device).
  • Photogrametry: this option is used during the photogrammetry mission see section  7.2.9 for more details.