The configuration displayed below is for a Transponder model from uAvionix: uAvionix Ping S20

  1. The first step to configure it is to go to Device/Payload/Transponder and check the enable button. Once there, select the Custom message to be used for the information exchange, since it will automatically be filled with the information from the Transponder needs.
  2. Choose the model already mentioned (uAvionix Ping S20)
  3. Switch to the desired Mode
    • OFF: Transponder switched off
    • STBY: Transponder switched off. Within this mode, only microcontroller and communications are powered
    • ON: Functional transponder without sending any altitude information
    • ALT: Functional transponder only transmitting altitude information. This is most used one.
    • **Enable Ident Mode: UAV identification under ATC request (only available for ON and ALT modes)
  4. Introduce the Call Sign from your vehicle and the Squawk Code provided.

There is an example configuration in the following picture.

Devices Veronte Transponder

Transponder Configuration Parameters

Once the transponder is configured, got to Device / Others / I/O Manager. Create a communication (in the example, through RS232) and assign to it the Custom Message selected before.

RS232 Message Reception

The last step you need to do is to configure the physical interface of the Transponder accordingly to your message reception

Transponder message configuration

Message Reception