In this panel the user can stablish the relationship between a determined signal with a I/O port. This allows users to configure an external sensors, messages between Veronte Units (Tunnel) and custom messages.

XPC Uint8 Configuration Menu

Firstly, users have to configure the Producer selecting the I/O port or information to use. Later, users have to configure the Consumer by clicking on an element, a new window will be displayed to select an item. The relationship between them can be unidirectional (Blind) or bidirectional (Blind Bidirectional), the last enables a port to receive or send information.

The following I/O ports are available:

SCIA4G Connection
SCIDSerial Port 232
SCICSerial Port 485
Commgr portCOM Manager Port

I/O Ports

It is worth noting that only SCID/SCIC ports can be used to configure an element, the other ports have to be maintained by default.

Finally, it is possible to configure the next elements:

TunnelCreates a bidirectional brigde between two devices, see section .
Custom MessageThis allows user to send/receiver a custom message.see section
GPS RTCMDifferential GPS.
MagnetoExternal magnetometer sensor, see section
UltrasoundExternal ultrasound sensor, see section
SplitterUsed to split a signal into 2.

Configurable Elements

More information about each element can be found in the links provided before.

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