This controller incorpores an algorithm for self-tuning i.e, the controller settings are ajusted automatically.

Adaptative Predictive controller configuration

The next table describes all the parameters available and what means each one of them.

Enable Sys IDActivates the option of system identification. The plant is modified continuously by predicting a new one according to a set of parameters. This option must be activated when working in Adaptative – Predictive control.
Noise LevelSupposed noise level during System Identification
Filtering Constant Constant value for the filter
Initial A & Initial BUsed to establish the initial plants constants for the system identification process
LambdaParameter that defines the control aggressiveness. High value means less aggressive control, low lambda means more aggressive control
OptimalSelect this option to use the Optimal AP algorithm
fSampling input period
r0Control output period
Enable/Disable DriverMark this option to use the Driver Block
TAUTime constant for the desired default trajectory

In addiction, it is possible to display an AP panel in the workspace that allows the user to perform the following actions:

  • Initial to Current: to set the initial platform model to the current one.
  • Current to Initial: to save the actual model to the initial one.

AP Tool in Workspace