In this section of the telemetry panel, messages send through the CAN Bus are configured.

CAN – Telemetry

In order to add a message to be sent press “+” and a new element will be added into the panel.

  • EXT: enables the frame format with 29 identifier bits.
  • ID:  identifier 11 or 29-bits (Extended), used to indentify TX messages. The value set has to be decimal.
  • Period: time in seconds between TX messages delivery.
  • Button 1: open a new window to configure the endianness of the message, which indicates how the bytes that it contains are writte:
    • Big endian: set the value from left to right
    • Little endian: set the value from right to left
    • Mixed endian: Any devices have this format. If you need to configure, please contact us.
  • Button 2: displays the menu to configure how the bits of the message are divided and sent.

There are four different elements that can be added when setting up a CAN message: Variable, Checksum, Matcher and Skip. See CAN messages for more information about them.