In this section, it is explained how to configure Veronte Units on Veronte Pipe. Each feature available on Veronte Pipe is described in detail and these can be found in the side panel.

Firstly, the user will find how to manage configuration files: import, export, update, etc. Later, this manual will focus on the setup toolbar, this allows the user to change the main settings of the Veronte Units according to the aircraft (Control Loops, Installation, etc.) and mission (Phases, Guidance, etc.) to perform.

Finally, the manual explains how to check Veronte’s license, here the user can see the license ID and its status.

Side Panel Options

The Side Panel allows the user to manage Veronte Units and Configuration files. On Veronte Pipe it is possible to use a offline configuration or an autopilot. If an autopilot is connected the following options will be available on the side menu.

Side Panel Options

The following table contains all the options available of that panel.

DiscardDiscard all changes.
SaveSave all modified data.
SetupDisplays the setup toolbar
OperationDisplays the operation toolbar
ExportExport configuration on Veronte to disk
ImportImport a configuration from disk.
RemoveRemove the selected configuration.
UpdateUpdate Veronte Unit
HILHardware in the loop simulation.

Side Panel Options