X-Plane Configuration

X-Plane demo can be downloaded from this link. Actually, X-Plane 11 is a beta version and does not allow configuring input/output data so the last software version compatible with Veronte HIL Simulator is X-Plane 10.

X-Plane communications settings must be edited in order to have communication with Veronte system. Follow the next steps in order to make a proper configuration.

For low-performance computers, it may be needed to reduce the graphics quality on the simulator, as described below.

Aircraft Model Installation

X-Plane simulator is compatible with a wide variety of platforms: airplane, helicopter, multicopter, surface vehicle…. In order to create the platform model, Plane Maker tool provided by X-Plane must be used.

Once the aircraft model has been created, it can be integrated on the X-Plane simulator by following next steps:

  • Copy the model folder to the “Aircraft” folder within the X-Plane installation directory.
  • Copy the content in the “Airfoils” folder, available on the aircraft model folder, to the “Airfoils” directory within the X-Plane installation directory.

X-Plane Setup

On X-Plane execution, Quick Flight Setup window will be displayed; select which aircraft to use, the starting airport and weather conditions to be simulated during the flight.


Quick Flight Setup

Data transmission settings must be edited on the settings tab. Select the input and output data option and edit the UDP speed. This speed must be set to 50/s.

X-Plane Setup 3

X-Plane Setup

x-plane-input-ouput-dataX-Plane Input and Output Data


3SpeedsIASIndicated Air Speed
4Match ,VVI, G-loadgNormalZ acceleration – Body axis
gAxialX acceleration – Body axis
gSideY acceleration – Body axis
16Angular VelocitiespitchRatePitch Rate
rollRateRoll Rate
yawRateYaw Rate
 17Pitch, Roll, HeadingspitchPitch
18AoA, side-slip, pathsalpha used for IAS
betaused for IAS
20lat,lon, altitudelatLatitude
altMslMean sea level
altAglAbove ground level
21loc, vec, dist traveledVxX velocity – Body Axis
VyY velocity – Body Axis
VzZ velocity – Body Axis

Variables stored in Veronte

On the settings tab, enter into the network configuration and select the data menu. There user must edit the IP configuration as follows:

  • IP: 49005
  • Check the IP of data receiver option
  • Uncheck the IP of Flir Imagery receiver

x-plane-network-configurationX-Plane Network Configuration

On settings tab, General options and warnings, set the flight models per frame to a minimum of 3. It is needed for small aircraft simulation within X-Plane. If your model is vibrating in XPlane you can increase this value but higher PC performances are required.

x-plane-general-options-and-warningsX-Plane General Options and Warnings

Low Performance Computer Configuration

In case of using a low performance computer with the HIL Simulator the simulation reliability can decrease. In this case, it is recommended to reduce the graphic quality on the X-Plane simulator.

On the settings tab, enter the graphics option menu and press on set all rendering options for maximum speed.

x-plane-graphicsX-Plane Graphics Option