This tab contains the options for configuring the connection of Veronte Ground to the PC.

When using Veronte Pipe for first time, it is necessary to configure the connection with Veronte Units. Once it has been done, Veronte Units will be automatically detected by Veronte Pipe (1).

PC Connection

In order to configure the connection of a Veronte Unit :

  1. Select Preferences (2) in the pull-down menu and enter in the Connections tab (3).
  2. Select Add (4) and then, if the device is conected using the USB port, select the Serial COM.
  3. When the connection is completely configured, it is necessary to click on Save Connection in order to make it effective.

In case using a different interface of connection, it may requiere changing some parameters. The following parameters can be edited in this menu:

  • Baudrate: this field specifies how fast data is sent.
  • Parity: this field is a way of low-level error checking. It can be in odd or even.
  • Data Bits: this field defines the bits number of the message.
  • Stop: number of the stop bit.