This feature is used to connect Veronte Pipe to an autopilot without a ground station and control it. The image below shows the Cloud Menu, users can log in the cloud or register a new user.

Cloud Menu

The whole process requires additional steps. If it is use for first time, it can be summarized as follows:

  1. Check Veronte Pipe and OnBoard version. Minimum version required is 4.6.x, see section 3.2 for more information.
  2. Register a New User, this can be done either in Veronte Pipe or in the website. 
  3. Log in Veronte Cloud (Website), if it is the first time the next window will be displayed and two messages of information are show. They ask users to confirm their email address and to add an Autopilot, clicking on the links provided those process can be done easily.
  4. In order to Add an Autopilot click on the link shown on screen or go to the tab Autopilots. It will display the next window.
  5. Follow the instructions that appear on screen and introduce the date requiered to complete the process of adding an Autopilot.
  6. Enable SARA Connection. Go to Setup \ Devices \ Others \ SARA, see section 6.6.5 .
  7. Log in Veronte Cloud (Veronte Pipe) and all the autopilots associated will appear in this panel and they will be ready to synchronize through 4g connection.
  8. In this panel, option (1) updates the information of the Autopilot (its position can be seen on the webpage) and (2) if there is an autopilot available it will made that this apper on the side panel, enabling the user to control it.

Note: In the latest versions of Pipe, to access the menu, click on menu-veronte-pipe (Main Menu), and then select Cloud in the pull-down menu.

Cloud – Main Menu