Virtual sticks are created to simulate a radio controller that controls the channels of the aircraft directly from the computer. In the stick display there are four icons and their function is:

  1. Return the stick to the center
  2. Activate the virtual stick
  3. Move the stick in the X direction in a sinusoidal way
  4. Move the stick in the Y direction in a sinusoidal way

Lasts two are normally used in order to test the stick or servos.


Caution!! If the Stick is not active it will make no effect on the system. Active it by clicking on the second icon (some waves will appear near the icon and the stick will be actived). 
In order to deactivate it, only click on the antenna icon one more time.


workspace-stickStick Display Configuration

Channel Select which channel is controlled by each axis.
Axis Scale Scale to show in the axis of the stick.
Min & MaxEstablish the minimum and maximum values reached by the stick
 Return to center When selected the stick automatically returns to middle position on stick release.

Stick Configuration Elements