Veronte Vision is ready to connect to Veronte Pipe using a Wi-Fi connection. Once it has been configured, Veronte Pipe will automatically link.

Router Configuration

Veronte Vision expects to have visibility to a specific Wi-Fi SSID configuration. The router that provides the wireless connection between Vision and the PC with Pipe has to be configured. Check the router user manual to set the parameters of the following table.

Network AuthenticationWPA-PSK
WPA EncryptionTKIP
WPA Pre-Shared Key12345123451234512345

Router Parameters

Samba Client

Once you are connected, you should have access to public folder in Samba server. In Windows it appears as a common shared folder in Network Places with the unique id of your Veronte Vision, for instance: “VISIONB3347DFF”.

In the remainder of the document will be defined as \\VISION\Public\


Log Folder

In this folder are saved output log files with the results of Veronte Vision executions.

pipe.logResult of commands sent from Veronte Pipe.
ppp.logResult of ppp initialization. Connection made from Veronte Vision to 4G module.
vision.logResult of Veronte Vision initialization. General settings and server initialization.
vision.lstCopy of vision.log for previous session.

SDP Folder

This folder contains a file required to configure Video reception in Veronte Pipe.

server_H264.sdpConfigure video plugin to work as a RTP server, listening local port 5000 to incoming video

Videos Folder

Videos recorded from Vision are automatically saved in this folder. You can move, copy or remove them.

Veronte Pipe Connection




Veronte Pipe will detect automatically Vision board when  connected via Wi-Fi.  All the configuration buttons for Vision will appear in the lower part of Veronte panel.

Veronte Vision may take 1 minute in startup. If the  system has been recently power on, please wait until operating system booting is finished.