Veronte Vision behaviour may be changed from Veronte panel buttons. There are two kinds of buttons, configuration and command buttons. The following section explains the functions carried out by each of them.

Result of the operations sent with these buttons are registered in log file, located in \\VISION\Public\log\pipe.log

Configuration Buttons

These buttons can be used for change booting configuration in Veronte Vision. For the changes to take effect, the system needs to be rebooted.

Configuration CAM

It will automatically search and save all available cameras connected to USB interface.


When system founds a camera, pipe.log show next information:



Config. PPP

This panel configures the initial settings for PPP connection of Veronte 4G expansion.

These settings may be provided by the mobile network operator of the SIM.


Record in pipe.log may confirm data entered



Configuration TM

This window is used to configure the destination server where Veronte Telemetry will be sent. The fields to fill in are the server IP and Port, and the interface to use.



Command Buttons

These buttons change Vision behaviour only in current session. Results are logged in \\VISION\Public\log\pipe.log.

Analog video

This command will configure input camera to be sent through analogic output.


This is the default configuration for Veronte Vision.


This command will enable to send video to Veronte Pipe Video Server. It must be configured IP and port of TCP server connection


REC and Stream

It will enable streaming video to Veronte Pipe Video Server and also record in h264 file. It must be configured IP and port of TCP server connection and file name to be saved in \\VISION\Public\video\